Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to help you enjoy your visit to the full.

Note: tickets to Ascott House and Ascott Gardens need to be booked separately, in advance.

  • When are Ascott House & Gardens open?

    Ascott House and Gardens are currently closed and will re-open on Tuesday 19th March 2024. 

  • How much does it cost to enter Ascott House and Gardens?

    Please note: Ascott House is within Ascott Gardens. Visitors to the House must have entry tickets for both the Grounds and Gardens and the House. 

    Tickets and pricing will be online in February 2024.

    Entry is free for National Trust members and under 5s. 

  • How much does it cost to enter only the Gardens?

    Tickets and pricing will be online in February 2024.

    Entry is free for National Trust members and under 5s. 

  • Do I have to book in advance?

    We ask that all visitors to Ascott book in advance, especially for visits to Ascott House where a limited capacity of tickets are available every day. Tickets for 2024 are available from midday on Monday 19th February. 

  • Do I have to pay for car parking?

    No. Parking in our visitor car park is free.

  • Is there parking for Blue Badge Holders?

    Accesible parking is available at the top of the Paddock Car Park, marked by the black signage. 

    Visitor Map

  • Will the Pavilion Tea Room be open during my visit?

    The Tea Room is open on the same days as the Gardens.

    Tuesday to Sunday (including bank holidays), 11:30am to 4:45pm

    Tea Room

  • Is photography allowed in Ascott House?

    No, photography is not permitted in the House. This is to ensure the privacy of the family.

  • Is photography permitted in the Gardens?

    Photography is permitted in all public areas of the Gardens for personal use.

    Any commercial photography, including personal photoshoots with a professional photographer, must be authorised in advance with the Estate Office. To contact the office please email with all requirements. These may be subject to an additional charge and may be refused depending on other activity on site. 

  • Will social distancing measures be in place in the House?

    We manage capacity to keep visitors safe and ask people to maintain a social distance as they tour Ascott House. This is to help everyone feel safe and welcomed.

  • Do I have to wear a face covering?

    Face coverings are not required when visiting the Gardens or House, but we encourage visitors to wear them where they feel comfortable to do so. 

  • Is there disabled access in Ascott House?

    While the House walkways and corridors are large enough to allow motorised wheelchairs, we cannot provide access to Power Motorised Vehicles (e.g. mobility scooters) within the House. A dedicated wheelchair is available at the House entrance; this is kept for indoor use only to prevent any damage within the narrow spaces of the House and we appreciate visitor's assistance in transferring to this if possible

  • Are pushchairs allowed in Ascott House?

    No. Unfortunately due to space restrictions pushchairs are not allowed but can be left in the buggy park outside. 

  • Is there restricted disabled access in the Gardens?

    Yes, some areas of the Gardens are not accessible by wheelchair. See the Ascott visitor map – steps are marked in orange dots.

    Most of the pathways are gravel but some in the lower areas of the Gardens are grass. 


    Visitor Map

  • Are power motorised vehicles allowed in the Gardens?

    Yes. PMW vehicles are allowed in the Gardens. We recommend you ensure the battery is fully charged before setting off for the day. 

  • Where are the toilets?

    The toilets are near the Gate Lodge Car Park. See the Ascott visitor map. The accessible toilet is also in this block. Please be aware there are no toilet facilities in Ascott House or Ascott Gardens themselves.


    Visitor Map

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Only registered assistance dogs are allowed in Ascott House and Gardens.

    No other animals are permitted within the grounds of Ascott, including the Paddock Car Park, so please leave all pets at home. 

  • Can we bring a picnic?

    You’re welcome to picnic in the designated picnic area alongside the Pavilion Tearoom and down in the South parts of the Gardens past the Venus Garden and Madeira Walk. A map showing areas for picnics is available in the entry kiosk.

    We ask that visitors bring all rubbish back to the bins by the Tearoom. 

  • How do I cancel an online booking?

    Please email the booking form to

    Tickets to the Gardens, House and events are not refundable but we may be able to rebook your tickets to another date depending on availability. 


    Contact Us

  • Is the visitor Mobility Buggy available to use?

    The Mobility Buggy service is provided by volunteers. We can offer it when volunteers are available but this may not be every day when we are open or may be for limited time periods throughout the day. 



  • Can I bring my bike to Ascott?

    Cyclists are welcome to cycle to Ascott following our usual visitor entrance and car park route and bike parking is available alongside the entry kiosk.

    Children's balance bikes are allowed in the Gardens and can be left in the buggy park when visiting the House. 

    Pedal-bicycles, tricycles, roller skates, micro-scooters and other vehicles (except powered wheelchairs) must be left at the gates. 

  • Are ball games allowed in the Gardens?

    To protect the Gardens, ball games and sports are not allowed in the Gardens or in the Pavilion Car Park due to cars moving at all times. 

  • Can I take any of the plants home with me?

    A selection of plants from the formal Gardens can be purchased from the plant shop at the entry kiosk.

    We ask that visitors do not climb, pick, prune or remove any plants from the Gardens. It is upsetting for our team who skilfully and diligently care for our site. 

  • Can I fly a drone in the grounds?

    Drones and other remote controlled aircraft are not allowed anywhere on Ascott Estate - leave the flying to the birds!